Does your business suffer from supplier/worksheet woes? Production tends to slow down if it takes forever to generate accurate orders and worksheets.

Fabric orders require total quantities and cuts for curtains and soft furnishings. Curtain worksheets need a lot of information including the heading style, cut length and finished drop sizes. You also have to understand the calculation method the workroom uses.

Track orders display the track type, width and projection sizes, cord length and control side. Sometimes, blind suppliers insist that you use their specific order forms or your job won't get processed.

Lastly, you have to compile most of the information again for the installer. If you have a large job the task becomes enormous and errors can be costly.

Drape and Blind Software eliminates workflow traffic jams. The system takes 3 seconds to create all supplier orders and worksheets for accepted quotes. You don't even need to have all the knowledge as DBs does it all for you. Administration team members can take over worksheet/order processing freeing up sales consultants.

Take a look at this short video on how to create instant orders and worksheets. For a closer look book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our friendly consultants here.

BigorSmallBusiness owners used to manage accounting procedures manually. Would anyone consider going back to ledgers and adding machines?

Software for window coverings has similar benefits in that it creates an efficient workflow and saves time. Have you been contemplating software but think that your business is too small, or too big and complex for software to manage?

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WarwickFabricsIt was great to see the Warwick stand at the Super Expo with many of their fabulous fabrics on display. Warwick are now supplying DBs with price lists that include all colours and stock codes. When you are quoting with Warwick fabrics all the current colours will be available at your fingertips. No need to carry around price lists!

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Drape and Blind Software launched our new voice recognition Easy Measure App, (EMA) at the Super Expo last month.

We were thrilled by the response! Our existing customers saw how EMA could improve and streamline the measuring process and reduce errors associated with re-interpreting information.

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WFA Magazine 2017 Article. Retail software continues to evolve with Drape and Blind Software.

Drape and Blind Software is urging businesses to future-proof through cloud-based solutions.

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EMAWe have developed EMA to enhance our industry-leading quoting and ordering systems on DBs Cloud. EMA's voice recognition makes it even easier and faster to get window measurements into the system for quick quoting.

EMA can be installed on the sales consultant's phone or tablet. Consultants in the field utilizing a regular tape measure or laser measurer will use EMA to record window dimensions and other details against a customer quote. The mobile functionality will speed up the time it takes to record details and will eliminate paperwork and errors.

See how it all works in this short video. The team will be demonstrating EMA at the Super Expo on the Gold Coast next week. Come and see us at booth L314


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