About us

Drape and Blind software co-founders Peter Lintzeris and Steven Hollander create systems for the window coverings industry.Co-founders Peter Lintzeris and Steven Hollander began their software programming business Fernstar in 1989 and have been on an epic journey ever since. From our beginnings as system developers for Panasonic, Coles Myer and BP to launching Drape and Blind Software (DBs) in 2004 we have tried to stay true to our core belief, to create software that makes our client’s work life better.

DBs is a purpose-built quoting and ordering system for window coverings retailers who are struggling with the limitations of spreadsheets and manual systems. Our goal is for DBs to take care of boring time-consuming stuff like calculating fabrics quantities and typing up quotes so you can focus on making sales and building customer relationships.

We are passionate about your success and are delighted when we hear that DBs saved Prue from Victoria Blinds $500 because she picked up a supplier invoice discrepancy or that Anne from The Coloured House finished a quote in 10 minutes instead of an hour. We collaborate with our clients and listen to feedback and consistently update our systems to reflect industry changes and requirements.

At DBs, we are not just a bunch of programmers although we do have killer programmers on our team who love to solve complicated window coverings problems. We are dedicated to DBs and our super knowledgeable staff have worked in the window coverings industry and know how to help with any issues you may be experiencing. 

Let’s talk about you. Whether you are a one-man band with a showroom in a van or a retailer with several sales and administration staff it’s time to ditch the filing cabinets crammed with handwritten files and transform the way you work with Drape and Blind Software. Contact us, we can chat about your business and any challenges you are facing.