Create fast quotes with Drape and Blind Software.  Inbuilt forms and pricing make it easy.


It all begins with the customer and the quote. Drape and Blind software is the most
comprehensive quoting system on the market for all window coverings products.

  • Set up customer contact details or import from your accounting system
  • Record referral data for marketing/advertising ROI reporting
  • Quote anywhere using mobile modules without the internet or on DBs cloud with Android, IPAD or PC/Tablet devices
  • Comprehensive treatment list including additional items associated with each treatment style
  • Ready to use quoting forms specifically designed for each treatment
  • Best fully featured curtain/drapery quoting functionality on the market
  • Inbuilt formulas to calculate accurate fabric quantities and costings
  • Ability to manually override curtain allowances and fabric quantities and drops while quoting
  • Inbuilt maximum size warnings to prevent unavailable products being sold
  • Store all window measurements for easy reference against the quote
  • All your branded fabric, curtain and blind supplier products and prices are stored in the system
  • Functionality to copy quotes and substitute products and fabrics and provide comparison quotes
  • Easily check profitability, margins, and discounts before issuing quotes
  • Alter/override markups and sales price on the whole quote or specific products only
  • Manually enter costs for items not in the system
  • Several professional quote styles to choose from with your company logo
  • Customizable quote style available
  • Show or hide sizes and other details on quotes
  • Option to print or email quotes
  • Compatible with blue tooth laser measuring devices
  • Supplier product manuals can be referenced while quoting 

Inbuilt quote tracking features make sales follow up a breeze with Drape and Blind Software.


Customer followup is an important part of the sales process.

  • See all pending quotes on one the screen
  • Display all customer details for easy follow up
  • Add customer conversation notes and details for reference so anyone in your business can get up to speed on the quote
  • Set next contact date reminders
  • Ability to sort by customer name, quote date or number, next contact date
  • Reject or approve quotes from the tracking screen

Drape and Blind software creates job orders and worksheets instantly.  No more double handling with DBs.


Orders are automatically generated from approved customer quotes avoiding double handling and mistakes.

  • Each order is designed specifically for the treatment/product type
  • Many different order styles available 
  • Manufacturer specific order styles available
  • Preview and check orders before emailing manufacturers and suppliers
  • Installer worksheets with product pick sheet and installation instructions can be emailed to the installer
  • Ability to add comments or special instructions on manufacturers, fabric suppliers, and installer orders
  • Fabric orders display cuts so that the fabric supplier will send rolls with the correct cuts
  • Fabric orders can direct different quantities of same fabric to multiple workrooms
  • Check measure orders cannot be accidentally sent to suppliers
  • Remake orders can be generated instantly from order screen and then amended and resent to the maker
  • Files can be created and sent to manufacturers to import directly into their system
  • Curtain delivery labels can be printed for manufacturers to pin to completed goods for easy identification
  • Supplier reference numbers and amended delivery dates can be added to the order screen
  • Orders can be rolled back and re-generated if necessary

The Drape and Blind software order tracker managers you workflow effortlessly.  See all orders on the one screen with DBs.


Purchase order/work in progress tracker displays an overview of all orders within the workflow process to help you get the work out efficiently.

  • Customer jobs and all associated purchase orders and supplier details are displayed for easy reference
  • Partially or incomplete orders are identified
  • View required by date, ordered date for each job to avoid orders running late
  • Jobs can be sorted by customer name, supplier, quote number, order number and delivery date
  • Orders that need to be sent can be accessed directly from the order tracking screen and then printed or emailed
  • Manage suppliers easily as orders that were received later than the required by date are flagged

Drape and Blind software interfaces seamlessly with accounting systems.  No more double handling with DBs.


Send accounts receivable and payable transactions directly to your accounting system.

  • No set-up required by you, we do it for you
  • Compatible with Quickbooks, MYOB, and XERO

Manage products and pricing effortlessly with Drape and Blind software masterfiles.  All information is in the one places and can be accessed easily with DBs.


The engine room that drives Drape and Blind software is set up for you and ready to go. We train you to be
the master of your information so that you can be in control and make any changes you want.

  • Suppliers, treatments, products, and pricing are set up for you with your costs, markups, and discounts
  • Additional items for each product are included in product set up
  • The system caters to each manufacturers pricing calculation methods for curtains/drapery, shutters, venetains, pelmets etc.
  • View blind prices in grid format at cost or retail
  • Add alerts to pop up during quote creation to notify you about horizontal blind joins or railroaded fabrics.
  • Flexibility to adjust markups and discounts for each supplier and or individual product groups within the supplier
  • Fabric suppliers minimum orders and rounding can be set to avoid small order charges
  • Curtain/drapery allowances are customised to your workroom's requirements
  • Create installer processes and assign appointment duration times to total up on the installer worksheet
  • Lining inventory can be set up with reducing stock control
  • Sample tracker can be set up with bar coding and reporting to keep track of fabric sample books that have been lent out
  • Manage account settings and system variables that can be turned on or off depending on your business
  • Masterfiles can be password protected and the quote margins screen can have restricted viewing

Drape and Blind software reporting features make easy to access vital information.  Have sales and profit data at your fingertips.


Information is king and having data at your fingertips is vital to running a successful window coverings
business in the 21st century.

  • Internal dashboard available to review and analyze data, week to week, month to month and years.
  • Ability to access and customize data in a flexible way i.e graph or report format
  • Power to drill down to actual quotes for more information.
  • Export sales data to excel and use the information to customize commission reports
  • Standard reports available to filter by date range
  • Report on estimated and actual profit by consultants
  • Report on estimated and actual profit by product
  • Report on sales conversion by consultant
  • Report on referral to measure ROI on advertising
  • Report on remakes

Drape and Blind Software systems are customized with your product and pricing. No set-up required with DBs.


We begin by totally customizing Drape and Blind Software with your product, pricing, and markups
The system comes fully loaded ready to for you to do your first quote. We then continue
to maintain your information for you to keep your system relevant and updated.

  • Curtain/drapery soft furnishing fabric updates available
  • Blind prices list updates available
  • Software updates available
  • Our support is unconditional and free

As a Drape and Blind Software customer, you receive full training and support,* with additional training for new staff available at any time.

Check out the benefits here of having Drape and Blind Software installed in your business.

* Conditions apply