WFA Magazine November 2018




WFA Magazine 2017 Article. Retail software continues to evolve with Drape and Blind Software.

Drape and Blind Software has introduced new system improvements to enable faster manufacturing and fabric updates. Belinda Smart spoke with Mira Krulic at Drape and Blind Software.


“Drape and Blind Software is the only system provider for the window coverings industry that offers a total product and price list maintenance service.
“Quoting software is only as good as the information you load into it and if you don’t keep your product and prices current, the consequences can be disastrous to your bottom line.”

“On the surface, most price lists look quite manageable to set up in a computerised system. You add in a few blind price list grids, some fabrics, a curtain workroom, a track supplier and you are good to go.”

“When you delve further, the setup and maintenance can get quite complicated. Let’s look at blind suppliers. External awnings price lists, for example, regularly have around 2000 different price grids and more than 250 extra options. Add motorisation, cut-outs and other peripherals and suddenly a simple price grid is not so manageable.”

Complicated. They can be costed by curtain length, continuous fabric, heading type or fabric width. Extra charges can be applied for oversized fabric widths and curtain lengths, hidden seams and lined curtain styles.”

“You can spend many hours entering your suppliers and products into a computerised system before you even issue one quote. At Drape and Blind Software, we understand how time-consuming one single price list can be to interpret and load it into a system and then keep up to date.”

“Systems are supposed to make your work life easier, not harder. We have a dedicated data team working full time on price list management. Now, with new system enhancements, manufacturing and fabric updates are even faster, so our clients can get on with quoting and making sales.”